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Zero Waste is a sustainable way of designing clothes. Using this technique you can create styles that generate little or no textile waste in their production.  

What is Zero Waste?


Why do it?

Save resources and reduce waste. Conventional garment production generates an average of 15-20% textile waste during production. Adopting a Zero Waste design technique reduces textile waste and the demand on natural resources. Besides, Zero Waste is a perfect strategy for creating minimalistic but interesting styles, because you need to solve things in new ways in order to use all the fabric.


Create a jigsaw puzzle. There are various approaches to making a Zero Waste garment, the only rule is that there should be no waste in the production. I have chosen a method called Jigsaw Puzzle. This involves fitting all the pattern pieces on the fabric like a puzzle, so the entire width and length of the fabric is used.

How to do it?

Explore a zero waste pattern

Explore a zero waste pattern

Play Video

In this video you can see that every pattern piece is a part of the final garment.

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