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The business, Elisabeth Lysholm unfolded and developed when I became the winner of the design competition "Design med kant" in collaboration with the Danish designer, Georg Jensen. In the competition I created a dress in Zero Waste design, and was honoured for demonstrating that sustainable clothing doesn't need to compromise with design. 


Shortly after, the Zero Waste project grew from one dress to ten styles. The plan was to create a limited collection of different styles using the principles of sustainable aesthetics, meaning that the design will last beyond the fluctuating and short lived trends. I am designing contemporary, subtle womanswear using my Norwegian roots as inspiration, combined with Nordic minimalism, ethnicity, geometric shapes, nature and traditional arts and crafts. I primarily use organic materials such as wool, cotton and silk as these materials are comfortable to wear and with the right care they can last for many years.

Designing a Zero Waste garment

Designing a Zero Waste garment

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This video explains why and how I am using the Zero Waste technique when I design a style.

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